Volgograd – Baku Friendship Park, Volgograd city, Russia

Volgograd – Baku Friendship Park, Volgograd city, Russia
54b Lenina Avenue (Russian: Prospect Lenina 54b), Volgograd
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Latitude: 48.726728
Longitude: 44.542308
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General Information
Amusement Rides

General Information

It is also briefly called Baku Park. It is in Central district of Volgograd next to the Europa City Mall. On the left just after the entrance there is a memorial to the heroes of the World War II



I like this park because it is spacious with many trees. There are often many people but because of a lot of space you can always find a quiet place. There are gazebos among trees


Special charm is added by its close neighbourhood to the Volga river. Sitting on a bench, you can peacefully admire the scene of the river


There is a smaller copy of the Maiden Tower – a symbol of Baku. I thought I could climb on or go inside the tower but it turned out to be impossible: the door was closed.


In the park there are also playgrounds (one of playgrounds), restaurants, pay toilet and dinosaur park.

Amusement rides

If you turn to the left after entrance you will get to amusement rides. There are far fewer rides here than in the City Garden and when I visited Baku Park there were no people on the rides. Initially, I thought they didn't work but the open ticket booth indicated the contrary. Prices are between 70 – 150 rubles per one ride. One ride lasts 3 – 10 minutes except the kid’s chamber: for 100 rubles you may play 10 minutes but if you pay 150 rubles you may play indefinitely.




To the right of the main alley there were inflatable constructions and there were many playing kids



Entrance price is 200 rubles with no time limit. Only kids above 2 and below 12 are permitted



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