Cafeteria #1, 7-oy Gvardeyskoy street, 2, Volgograd

Cafeteria #1, 7-oy Gvardeyskoy street, 2, Volgograd
2, 7-oy Gvardeyskoy street, Volgograd
Location on map and coordinates
Latitude: 48.721816
Longitude: 44.537823
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The description is based on data from June 2017.

The cafeteria is on the ground floor of the Volgograd Oblast's Arbitral Tribunal building. To get to it, after entering the building turn to the right and go until the end of the corridor.

The cafeteria works from Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays banquets are held there.



Menu and prices example

Salads: 18 – 46 rubles for dishes of 130 – 150 grams
First courses: 22 – 48 rubles for dishes of 250 grams
Second courses: 38 – 68 rubles for dishes of 70 – 250 grams
Side dishes: 18 – 38 rubles for dishes of 150 – 200 grams
Beverages: 16 – 18 rubles for cups of 200 ml.


I visited this cafeteria many times. At the hours of dinner breaks, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., there were long queues but I always could find free seats. After dinner break hours there are a lot of free seats.



If you seat in front of the window you may admire the Volga river


My dinner cost 124 rubles. It consisted of: soup, chicken gizzards, pasta and a juice



The cafeteria hasn't its own toilet. There is one on the ground floor of the building. There is no paper and soap in this toilet and it isn't clean.

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