Turist Hotel, Volgograd city, Russia

Turist Hotel, Volgograd city, Russia
73 Marshal Chuikov Street, Volgograd
Location on map and coordinates
Latitude: 48.739196
Longitude: 44.553949
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The Turist (meaning tourist, noun) hotel is in Krasnooktyabrskiy district of Volgograd city, close to Central district. It is only 200 meters far from the bank of the Volga River, but now the way is blocked because of a construction.

The view toward Volga River
The view toward Volga River


The hotel has parking lot



This is the hotel closest to the Volgograd-Arena stadium. The distance between them is slightly more than 500 meters in a straight line. This is how the stadium, which is under construction now, looks from the parking lot:



From the hotel you can walk to the Mamayev Kurgan memorial complex. The distance is 970 meters.



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